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Robert on Oprah & Friends - February 2008

Read about and listen to Nate Berkus' XM Radio interview with Robert Craymer

LiveEarth - July 2007

Live Earth is a 24-hour, 7-continent series of concert events on 7/7/07 that will bring together more than 100 music artists and 2 billion people to inspire a global movement to "Answer the Call" and help solve the climate crisis. Led by former Vice-President Al Gore, some of the biggest names in music history will perform in New York, Sydney, London, Tokyo and Rio De Janeiro. Robert Craymer was commissioned by LiveEarth to dress up the New York backstage areas, dressing rooms, and VIP rooms with his line of all green furniture. This is the first all green set of its kind. Sting and the Police, Roger Waters, Fall Out Boys, The Smashing Pumpkins and Bon Jovi will all enjoy exclusive 100% green & eco-friendly dressing rooms created by Craymer. It is an honor for rcgreen to be part of this event and we thank LiveEarth and LiveNation for supporting rcgreen.

Stoli Hotel - May 2007

Pictures coming soon. Visit the Stoli Hotel Website

Velvet Revolver - May 2007

Robert Craymer and his family recently spent time on the set of Sony/BMG recording artist Velvet Revolver's "She Builds Quick Machines" mini-western music video. The all-star group consists of former members of Guns 'n Roses and Stone Temple Pilots. Cramer was invited by the producer, Arthur Gorson, to meet key production personnel and discuss ways in which green materials can be used during filming. The project, directed by Dean Karr, filmed on a motion picture ranch in Santa Clarita, California, and featured a large cast as well as major stunts and special effects. It was crafted as a tribute to the great westerns of Sergio Leone, Sam Peckenpah, and Monte Hellman. Legendary director Hellman ("Two Lane Black Top," "The Shootist," "Ride the Whirlwind," and Executive Producer of "Reservoir Dogs,") was on set as a special consultant to the producer, and engaged Craymer in extensive conversation about bringing green thinking to an upcoming project.

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Young Hollywood Awards - April 2007

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RC Green Oscar Party - February 2007

RC Green and Nicole Landers’ teamed up for a start-studded red-carpet event at Craymer’s store on LaBrea Ave in Los Angeles. This hugely successful event offered its guests a variety of green products and experiences. Attendants enjoyed a 100% organic dinner cooked on location by Soul Vegetarian, drank organic vodka cocktails and were treated to hair treatments courtesy of Purology. Guests test drove the latest electric cars by Environmental Motors. This event was attended by hundred of people, and a huge number of celebrity guests who are heavily involved in green causes. The event was also covered by major press organizations. The Canadian press flew in especially for this event as Craymer is the first Canadian to be involved in green design and sustainable furnishings. Attendants included Tony Shalhoub of “Monk”, Sharon Lawrence, David Sutcliff, and Kristian Alfonso who came out with her father Gino to support rcgreen. A portion of the proceeds’ went to “Cans for the Needy”.

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Global Green Oscar Party - February 2007

Global Green hosted a tremendous reception at the Avalon Club in Hollywood. Maroon 5 & world-famous DJ’s provided the musical background for this pre-Oscar event. Robert Craymer was commissioned by Global Green to completely transform the famous “Spider Club” with his green designs and sustainable furnishings. Hollywood’s elite attended to honor the cause. Craymer’s green Spider Lounge was attended by Orlando Bloom, Penelope Cruz, Petra Nemcova, and Oliver Martinez.

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Sundance Film Festival - January 2007

Robert designed the space for Nicole Landers’ “The Ultimate Green Room” at the Sundance film Festival. Truck loads of green and sustainable furnishing were shipped to Park City to accommodate the 2 week event. The suite was filled with green businesses and eco-friendly products. Guests enjoyed organic freshly made meals, green hair-products, eco-friendly baby clothing, and more. Celebrity guests who spoke to Craymer about his sustainable designs included Timothy Hutton, William Baldwin, Kristin Casey of HGTV, Kristen Bell, & Ralph Cifaretto of “Sopranos”.

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Golden Globes Gift Suite - January 2007

The Golden Globes turned “green” this year with the help of Robert Craymer. The Fryer’s Club, one of the oldest establishment in LA was redesigned and updated to accommodate the numerous guests who attended . Celebrity guests who spoke to Craymer about his green furniture included Leonardo Dicaprio, Kevin Dillon of “Entoutrage”, Deidra Hall of “Days of Our Lives”, Louis Lombardi of “24” and many more.

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Gorgeous & Green Event - December 2006

An evening in San Francisco to honor Global Green. This hugely successful event drew an amazing crowd. Robert Craymer designed the ultimate VIP room for Global Green at the Bentley Reserve with his green line of furniture. Craymer spoke to William McDonough, author and pioneer, about his adaptation of the Cradle to Cradle idea for his rcgreen line of sustainable furniture. Craymer received rave reviews from the attendants Matt Peterson, CEO of Global Green, Larry Paige founder of Goggle, and celebrity guests: Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom, Selma Hayek, and more.

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Who Killed the Electric Car - June 2006

The movie premier which was attended by director Chris Paine and producers Jeff Steele & Valerie Friedman was the launching pad for Robert Craymer to introduce rcgreen to the public.

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